About Us

Who We are

ZF New York is a Luxurious event Photography & Video  company based in New York. We now offer our services in the UAE, GCC,  India, Saudi, UK and more….
With more than 20 years of experience in Television, Cinema,  filmmaking, music videos and commercials, we have mastered the art of  cinema with special events. Incorporating your vision, along with our  cinematic background, ZF New York will capture your event with the  newest HD, 4k and digital technologies, including our Helicopter,  underwater camera, HD GoPro Hero+3 selfie cam and other unique exclusive  camera techniques.
Our talent, experience, and educational background have earned us  many awards, such as the New York International Film Festival award, The  International Exile Film Festival award and national recognition from  variety of artist associations.
Our staff consists of professional, creative and eccentric  photographers and cinematographers. They have experience working with  MTV, NBC, FOX, National US Commercials, Dancing With the Stars,  government officials such as Former President George W. Bush and  President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan. Furthermore, we have photographed  celebrity private events and Bollywood producers.
For further inquiries and a free consultation please call our Dubai staff.
Photographs are timeless. Let us capture your special moments and  create a unique work of art you can hold on to forever. With our  professional and talented crew, you are free to enjoy your party with  peace of mind.
Other Services: 
· 4K Aerial Helicopter Videography
· Video Crane and Jib
· Complete Event Planning and Directing (currently in NY only)
· Commercial Photography & Video, Music Videos, Corporate Events, Concerts, Fashion Photography, and more.
· Media Services